Full text: Report on an enquiry into wages and hours of labour in the cotton mill industry, 1926

AVERAGE Dairy Earnings : 
104. The following table gives the average daily earnings, by centres, 
for all adult male operatives, all adult female operatives, all children 
ind all adult operatives employed in the selected mills in the cotton mill 
ndustry at each of the three centres studied. In the yrevicus Reports 
ao figures were given for adult operatives but averages were given for 
all operatives by reckoning two half-timere (children) as one full-timer 
(an adult). Similar figures were not worked out for the 1926 Brquiry 
oecause the average daily earnings of adult male operatives were mcre 
than four times those of children both in Ahmedabad and in Sholapur 
and of women more than double in Ahmedabad and about two-thirds 
vs much in Sholapur. 
Average Daily Earnings of All Overaiives 
Average daily earnings for 
Bombay v3 
Ahmedabad oe 
. 0 
1 8 0 | 
1 6 8 | 
Rs.’a. p 
01111 | “ung 
012 6 05 8 
0 68 8 0 4 0 
All adults 
Rs. a. p 
1 5 3 
1 4 3 
O14 § 
165. The average monthly earnings® of all workers in the selected 
alls at Bombay and Sholapur in the month of July 1926 in each age 
and sex group were as follows. As explained in paragraphs 30 and 
35 the month in the case of the Bombay figures represents 27 davs and 
n Sholapur 26°7 davs. 
Average Monthly Earnings of All Workers 
sex and Age Group 
Ven ve ii . “ 
Women .. . 4] 
Children oe ee . 
All Adults ~ 
Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p. 
37 10 2 | 23 15 6 
17 12 4 | 9 15 7 
oon » i 5 10 4 
22 14 1 91 7 10 
el SE A ED ET 
* The data worked out for Ahmedabad for average earnings in the two selected haptas 
ire not presented owing to the variations in the maximum number of working days in 
bhe two haptas as between mill and mill (vide paragraph 26). 
cerrado Pu

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