Full text: Report on an enquiry into wages and hours of labour in the cotton mill industry, 1926

109. The characteristics dealt with above with regard to the 
respective earnings of Head Jobbers on time and Piece rates are brought 
out more clearly in the figures for * Other Jobbers,” although the ratios 
of the numbers of Jobbers on time rates and Piece rates are different to 
those of Head Jobbers. 
(2) Weavers 
110. The most important group of operatives in the cotton mill 
industry is the weavers. The number returned for the three centres 
covered by this Enquiry amounted to 17,849 or nearly 25 per 
cent. of the total number returned. No women are employed as weavers 
in any cotton mill in the Bombay Presidency. With the exception of 
three weavers shown on time rates in Bombay all the weavers at all 
centres were on piece rates of wages. Two looms to sg weaver is an 
almost general distribution of machines in Bombay and in Ahmedabad 
and in the majority of cases in Sholapur, the total number of two-loom 
weavers being 16,728 or 93-72 per cent. of the total number of weavers 
returned for all centres. 
111. In Bombay out of a total number of 11,758 weavers returned, 
11,358 or 96-59 per cent. were two-loom weavers, 327 or 2°79 per cent. 
were one-loom weavers, 6 were three-loom weavers and 67 were four- 
loom weavers. Out of the 327 one-loom Weavers, 44 were apprentice 
weavers. In Ahmedabad, 4,377 or 95-53 Per cent. of the total number 
of weavers returned for that centre were two-loom weavers, 77 were 
engaged on three looms and 128 on four-looms. In Sholapur the two- 
loom basis does not predominate to the same extent as it does in Bombay 
and in Ahmedabad, the number of one-loom weavers returned for that 
centre amounting to 514 or 34" 06 per cent. of the 1,509 weavers returned. 
The number of two-loom weavers returned was 993 or 65-81 per cent. 
Only two four-loom weavers and no three-loom weavers were returned by 
sither of the two selected mills in Sholapur. The following table gives 
in a comparative form the average earnings of weavers in Bombay. 
Ahmedabad and Sholapur according to the number of looms tended — 
Earnings of Weavers 
Bombay .. 
Number of 
[.ooms tended 
"One Loom— 
Time. } 
One Loom .. 
One Loom 
Pwo Looms . | 
Three Looms. | 
Four Looms 
280 | 
Average Rarnings 
fll time 
mo nthly 
of full 
Rs. a. p. 
215 9 
2 211 
Rs. a. p. 
7% 8 8 
Rs. a. p 
lg 0 0 
82 6 8 
200 | 85 4 4 
20 14 9 25 
751 8,242 
f1 9 10 4 
7 7 7 59 
23 13 10 
49 9 11 
717 5 
74 1 
CHILI TR OTRO. A me EX EA Se Ne FF 0 rt, a | TIRE Rr sry 
* Yor reasons alread ¥ given, the Ahmedabad figure represents £7 times theo daily 
sarnings. For Sholapur the month— 26- 7 days. 
T No indication as to the basis of payment ig given in the other cases because all the 
remaining weavers are on piece rates.

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