Full text: Report on an enquiry into wages and hours of labour in the cotton mill industry, 1926

Ahmedabad . 
Sholapur .. 
Number of 
l;ooms tended 
"Two Looms. . 
Three Looms. 
Four Looms .' 
"One Loom ..| 
; Two Looms. . 
Four Looms .i 
Average Earnings 
fall time 
of full 
Daily | 
Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p. | 
Rs. a. p. 
113 5 
3 6 4 
49 10 3 
64 15 6 
91 11 © 
514 014 6 
993 1 9 4 
2, 8 8 ¢ 
20 011 
36 3 7 | 
8 0 9 
81 23 5 3 
231 43 6 6 
218 0 3 
*For reasons already given, the Ahmedabad figure represents 27 times the daily 
sarnings. For Sholapur the month = 267 days. 
112. Excluding the 44 apprentice weavers, the 3 one-loom weavers on 
“ime rates and the 280 one-loom weavers on piece rates in Bombay 
operated looms of 60” to 92” in width and their earnings were substan- 
sally higher than those of any other class of weavers. The production 
on the wider looms was composed of blankets, counterpanes and dobby 
and Jacquard chudders. The 67 four-loom weavers were 2ll returned 
by one mill. The looms worked by the individual operatives in this 
case were uniformly 24”, 28” or 32” in width in most cases and the 
production was of cloths of specially narrow widths. In a few cases the 
speratives had two looms of 32” in width and two of 45” in width but 
the widths of the cloths produced were the same as those of the cloths 
woven on the narrower looms. An examination of the returns in respect 
of the 6 three-loom weavers returned in Bombay did not show any 
special features. In one mill the two three-loom weavers returned 
worked on looms of 34”, 39” and 56” in width and the production was 
Twills and Susis. It is probable that an additional loom was given to a 
two-loom weaver on account of an inconvenient location of an odd loom 
in the Weaving Shed. Three-loom weavers were returned by seven 
mills and four-loom weavers by eight mills in Ahmedabad. The alloca- 
tion of a greater number of looms than two was due in all cases to work 
sither on looms of narrow widths or to production of cloths of narrower 
widths on wider looms, the qualities generally woven being African 
fancies or patis and choles. 
113.. One of the most striking features brought out by the figures 
in the above table is the comparatively large number of one-loom weavers 
in Sholapur—514 or 34-06 per cent. of the 1,509 weavers returned and 
sheir low wages compared with similar operatives in Bombay. The 
average daily earnings of these one-loom weavers amounted to fourteen 
annas and six pies, their average monthly earnings to Rs. 20-0-11 and 
the average .monthly ' earnings of the 81 who worked full time to 
Rs. 23-5-3, The last figure is lower than the average monthly earnings

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