Full text: Report on an enquiry into wages and hours of labour in the cotton mill industry, 1926

Bonus and Fines. I.—Bonus 
Meaning oF THE TERM “ BoNUs ” 
136. The term “ Bonus’ generally relates to a cash payment given 
mn addition to wages for regular attendance. In many cases, an 
Efficiency Bonus, 1.e., a reward for specially diligent work or for 
sroduction higher than a specified normal is given either by itself or in 
1yddition to the attendance bonus. In some cases the payment of the 
bonus for regular attendance is also dependant on good work. All 
sxtra allowances in the nature of bonuses were lumped together under 
one head in the returns submitted by the various mills and no indica- 
rions were given as to the character of the bonus in individual instances. 
[t is not possible, therefore, to determine the extent to which the 
Jifferent systems of granting attendance and efficiency bonuses prevailed 
n the mills covered by the Enquiry at each of the three centres studied. 
137. The system of granting bonuses is not universal and even in 
;hose mills where it prevails it is not given uniformly in all departments. 
[n some cases it is granted to certain occupations in particular depart- 
nents and not to others, and in still a few cases, even in particular 
sccupations in individual units some workers are covered and others not. 
The variations both in the existence of the system of giving 
sonuses and the method of its calculation and payment are so great 
shat it is not possible to make any genera] statements for the industry as 
a, whole. 
(1) Bombay 
138. In Bombay two mills out of the nineteen covered by the 
Rnquiry granted no bonuses at all. In one mill it was only given 
50 three Jobbers in the Winding Department, fourteen Sepoys, two 
Mukadams, and three Balers in the Cloth Folding Department. In the 
Vlixing and Waste Room, bonus was granted in the case of Jobbers and 
Mukadams to only one individual each in two mills, to Nawghanies in 
;hree mills and to “ Others” in two mills. In the Blow and Card 
Rooms no bonus was granted in seven and six mills respectively out of 
he seventeen mills which had bonus systems. In one mill all operatives 
sxcept Can Carriers in the Card Room were covered but in the remain- 
ng mills some occupations were included in the system and others were 
10t. In one mill only Can Carriers in the Card Room were given a 
onus to the exclusion of the operatives in all other occupations in these 
wo departments. In the Drawing Frame Department seven mills 
yave no bonus but these were not identically the same as those mills 
which gave no bonus in the case of the Cerd Room. Four mills gave no 
onus in the Slubbing, Intermediate and Roving Frame Departments. 
Three mills granted a bonus to Machine Tenters only and not to 
workers in other occupations. The other mills which gave bonus to 
Tenters also gave it to Doffer Boys, but in one case where Doffer 
Boys were given the bonus, Machine Tenters were not. Dofler Jobbers

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