Full text: The Department of Labor and Industry

upon convietion thereof, for every such failure, shall be sentenced 
to pay a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than 
five hundred dollars, and eosts of prosecution, or imprisonment for 
a period of not more than six months, or both, at the discretion of 
the court. Every day’s violation shall constitute a separate offense. 
Special efforts are being made to enforce this provision of the law. 
In addition to administering the Workmen’s Compensation Law, 
the Bureau also cooperates with the Bureau of Rehabilitation by 
furnishing that Bureau with notices of all serious accidents in order 
that proper contacts may be made in an effort to rehabilitate injured 
Information is also furnished the Bureau of Inspection, covering 
the number, severity, and frequency of accidents reported to the 
Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation by employers in order to pro- 
mote the campaign for reducing accidents in this Commonwealth. 
Some idea of the work of the Bureau can be formed from the fact 
that since the Workmen’s Compensation Law became effective on 
January 1, 1916, up to October 1, 1929, 2,454,666 accidents resulting 
in a time loss of two days or more were reported to the Bureau of 
Workmen’s Compensation. Of the number of accidents reported, 
32,428 cases resulted fatally. The total compensation liability cover- 
ing the same period was $162,402,527. This amount was subdivided 
as follows: fatal cases, $76,310,303; permanent disability cases. $34,- 
351,765; and temporary disability cases, $51,740,459. 
Every fatal case reported to the Bureau is investigated in order 
to determine whether there are any dependents entitled to compen- 
sation payments, under the provisions of the Workmen’s Compensa- 
tion Law. Thousands of cases are also adjusted by adjusters con- 
nected with the Bureau thereby avoiding the necessity of carrying 
these cases before the referees. 
In cases where there is doubt as to whether an employe is entitled 
to the payment of compensation, the employe is notified of his right 
ander the Workmen’s Compensation Law and is furnished with the 
proper blank to file a claim within the statutory period provided by 
the Act, which is one year after date of accident in a disability ease. 
or one year after date of death in a fatal case. 
Permanent injury cases, especially cases of amputation, are care- 
fully checked and in many instances investigations are made to de- 
termine whether the injured emplove is receiving full benefits of the 
Compensation Law. 
When a case is closed by the filing of a final receipt an audit is 
made to determine whether the full amount of compensation has been 
paid or whether there is any liability on the part of the employer 
or insurance carrier for the pavment of compensation for partial 
Workmen's compensation has a fixed place in our business and 
industrial activities and no employer of labor ean be regarded as 
operating safely or successfully unless the provisions of the Compen. 
sation Law are fully met.

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