Full text: Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between His Majesty and His Majesty the King of Roumania, with protocol, protocol of signature and exchange of notes

ArTICLE 15. 
In so far as prohibitions or 
restrictions may be enforced on 
the importation or exportation 
of any goods, the High Con- 
iracting Parties undertake as 
regards’ import and export 
licences to do everything in their 
power to ensure— 
(@) that the conditions to be 
tultilled and the formalities to be 
observed in order to obtain such 
licences should be brought imme- 
liately in the clearest and most 
definite form to the notice of the 
public ; 
(b) that the method of issue 
of the certificates of licences 
should be as simple and stable 
a8 possible ; 
(¢) that the examivation of 
applications and the issue of 
licences to the applicants should 
be carried out with the least 
possible delay ; 
(d) that the system of issuing 
licences should be such as to 
prevent the traffic in licences. 
With this object, licences, when 
issued to individuals, should state 
the name of the holder and 
should not be capable of being 
used by any other person : 
(¢) that, in the event of the 
fixing of rations, the formalities 
required by the importing country 
should not be such as to prevent 
AD equitable allocation of the 
quantities of goods of which the 
importation is authorised. 
The conditions under which 
licences are given for goods pro- 
luced or manufactured in the 
berritories of one of the High 
Contracting Parties imported 
nto or exported to the territories 
of the other shall be as favour- 
able as the conditions under 
which licences are given in the 
case of any other foreign country. 
Intrucdt se pot impune pro- 
ibitiuni sau restirictiuni asupra 
mportului sau exportului oriciror 
ndrfuri, Inaltele Parti Contrac- 
ante se obligd, in ce priveste 
ermise de import si export, sé 
acd tot ce le std in putintd spre 
) aslgura : 
(@) ca conditiunile de indeplinit 
a formalitdtile necesare pentru 
btinerea de atare permise si fie 
wduse imediat la cunostiinta pub- 
icului, in forma cea mai clard si 
28 Mal Drecisi 
(5) ca modul de eliberare a 
ertificatelor de permise si fie 
At mai simplu gi mali stabil; 
(c) ca examinarea petitiilor gi 
sliberarea permiselor petitionari- 
or, sd fle indeplinitd cn cit mai 
puting intirziere ; 
(d) ca sistemul de eliberare a 
sermiselor sd fie de aga naturd, 
neit si impiedice traficul de 
sermise. In acest scop, permisele, 
“and se vor elibera individual, 
rebuesc si cuprindd numele de- 
in#torului si si nu poatd fi 
ntrebuintate de vre’o altd per- 
wani ; 
(e) ca, in cazul cind se fixeazd 
ite, formalititile cerute de citre 
ara importatoare si nu fie de aga 
1atwid incit si impiedice o alocare 
schitabild a cantitdtilor de marfd 
sentru care importul este autori- 
Condifiunile in care se eli- 
sereazi permisele pentru mir- 
urile produse sau fabricate in 
eritoriile uneia dintre Inaltele 
’3rti Contractante, importate sau 
xportate in teritoriile Celeilalte, 
ror fi tot atat de favorabile ea si 
sondifiunile in care se acordi 
sermise in cazul oricdrui alt stat 

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