Full text: Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between His Majesty and His Majesty the King of Roumania, with protocol, protocol of signature and exchange of notes

The present Treaty may by 
mutual agreement be extended, 
with any modifications agreed 
upon, so as to apply between 
Roumania and any of His Bri- 
tannic Majesty's self-governing 
Dominions (including any manda- 
ted territories administered by 
the Governments of such Do- 
minions) or India, by means of 
an exchange of notes between 
the Roumanian Government and 
the Government of any such 
Dominion or of India. 
After the expiry of a period of 
two and a half years from the 
coming into force of the present 
Lreaty, either of the High Con- 
bracting Parties may, by giving 
SIX months’ notice, terminate the 
application of the Treaty between 
Roumania and any territory to 
which it has heen extended 
under the first paragraph of this 
So long as in any territory re- 
ferred to in Articles 34 and 35, 
which is not bound by the 
Present Treaty, goods produced 
or manufactured in Roumania are 
accorded treatment as favourable 
as that accorded to goods pro- 
duced or manufactured in any 
other foreign country, goods pro- 
duced or manufactured in such 
territory shall enjoy in Roumania 
completely and unconditionally 
the treatment of the most 
favoured foreign country. 
His Majesty the King of Rou- 
mania shall, however, be entitled 
at any time, upon giving six 
monthg’ notice in writing, to 
terminate the application of this 
Article in respect of any of 
His Britannic Majesty’s self- 
rovernine Dominions or of India. 
Prezentul tratat va putea, prin 
sonsens mutual, fi exting, cu orice 
modificiri asupra cirora s’a cizut 
le acord, astfel incit si fie apli- 
cabil intre Roménia si oricare 
lintre Dominionurile Autonome 
ale Majestéitii. Sale Britanice (in- 
slusiv orice teritoriu sub mandat 
administrat de Guvernele acestor 
Dominionuri) sau India, printr'un 
schimb de note intre Guvernul 
Romén gi Guvernul orieirui atare 
Dominion sau al Indiei. 
Dupi expirarea unui termen 
de 24 ani dela intrarea in vigoare 
a prezentului tratat, fiecare dintre 
Inaltele Parti Contractante, poate, 
printr'un preaviz de 6 lumi, de- 
aunta aplicarea tratatului intre 
Roménia si oricare teritoriu asupra 
cdruia a fost extins, conform ali- 
neatnluil I al acestul articol. 
Atta vreme cit in orice teri- 
soriu indicat la articolele 35 si 
36, care nu este legat prin tratatul 
le fats, marfurile produse sau 
‘abricate in Roménia vor beneficia 
je un tratament tot att de 
‘avorabil ca acel acordat mir- 
‘urilor produse sau fabricate in 
rice alti tard striind, marfurile 
sroduse sau fabricate in acest 
seritoriu vor beneficia in Roménia 
n mod complect si necondifional 
le tratameniul statului striin 
selui mai favorizat. 
Majestatea Sa Regele Roméniei 
7a avea totusi dreptul, printr'un 
oreaviz, in scris, de 6 luni, si 
lenunte oricénd aplicarea acestui 
articol cu privire la oricare dintre 
Dominionurile Autonome ale 
Majestafii Sale Britanice, sau 

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