Full text: Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between His Majesty and His Majesty the King of Roumania, with protocol, protocol of signature and exchange of notes

7 C 
) the provision of maritime 
.1oadstead or beach services, 
wing pilotage, towage, salvage 
assistance in distress. 
he provisions of this Treaty 
I not prevent the Roumanian 
srnment from reserving to 
manian ships owned wholly 
iartly by the State a special 
in its ports for the berthing 
1ese ships and for the use in 
area of special apparatus for 
refuelling and for the ware- 
ing and handling of the goods 
'h they carry, it being under- 
1, however, that this provision 
| not be so interpreted as to 
1ve British ships of reasonable 
ities for carrying on their 
stwithstanding the provisions 
us Treaty neither High Con- 
ing Party shall be required 
lmit the vessels of the other 
articipate in the navigation 
nland waterways which are 
Internationalised, so long as 
waters are not thrown open 
e vessels of any other non- 
rophe foreign country. 
1y vessels of either of the 
~ Contracting Parties which 
be compelled by stress of 
her, or by accident, to take 
er in a port of the territories 
& other, shall be at liberty 
efit therein, to procure all 
sary stores and to put to 
gain, without paying any 
other than such as would 
yable in a similar case by 
ional vessel. In case, how- 
the master of a merchant 
(4) exerc tarea serviciului por- 
surilor maritime, radelor si plaje- 
or, inelusiv pilotajul, remoreajul, 
salvajul si asistenta in caz de 
Dispozitiunile acestui tratat nu 
vor impiedica Guvernul Romén 
le a rezerva pentru vasele 
romAnesti, aparfinind Statului 
'n intregime sau in parte, o zond 
jpeciald in porturile sale, pentru 
stajionarea (moutllage) acestor 
rage gi pentru folosirea, in aceastd 
ond, de instalajiuni speciale 
sentru aprovizionarea lor cu com- 
oustibil gi pentru antrepozitarea 
si manipularea marfurilor pe care 
le transportd, fiind inteles, insd, 
34 aceastd dispozifiune nu va fi 
mnterpretatd in aga fel incit si 
lipseascd  vasele britanice de 
nlesniri rezonabile pentru con- 
sinuarea activitiaiii lor. 
Independent de dispozijiunile 
wcestui tratat, nici una dintre 
[naltele Parti Contractante nu 
va fi finutd si admitd ca vasele 
seleilalte Pirji si participe la 
navigatia in apele interioare 
:are nu sunt internationalizate, 
att timp cét aceste ape nu vor 
fi fost deschise pentru vasele 
sricirui alt stat strain nelimitrof. 
Orice vase apartinind fiecireia 
lintre Inaltele Parti Contractante 
rare ar fi silite din cauza vremei 
sau a unui accident de a se 
adiposti intr'un port pe teritoriul 
seleilalte Parfi, vor avea dreptul 
si-gi repare avariile acolo, sd-gi 
procure toate proviziile necesare 
3i 83 easd din nou la larg, fard a 
plati alte diri decdt acelea pe 
sare le-ar pliti intr'un eaz similar 
un vas najional. Ins, in cazul 
in care comandantul vasului

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