Full text: Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between His Majesty and His Majesty the King of Roumania, with protocol, protocol of signature and exchange of notes

The High Contracting Parties 
agree that in all matters relating 
to commerce, navigation and in- 
lustry, the carrying on of any 
description of business, and the 
axercise of professions or occupa- 
tions in conformity with the laws 
in force, any privilege, favour or 
immunity which either of the 
High Contracting Parties has 
actually granted, or may hereafter 
grant, to the ships and subjects 
or citizens of any other foreign 
country shall be extended, simul- 
taneously and unconditionally, 
without request and without 
compensation, to the ships and 
subjects of the other, it being 
their intention that their relations 
shall be placed in all respects on 
the footing of the most favoured 
foreion country. 
The subjects of each of the 
High Contracting Parties in the 
erritories of the other shall be 
at full liberty to acquire and 
possess every description of pro- 
perty, movable and immovable, 
which the laws of the other High 
Contracting Party permit, or 
shall permit, the subjects or 
citizens of any other foreign 
country to acquire and possess. 
I'hey may dispose of the same 
by sale, exchange, gift, marriage, 
testanient, or in any other 
manner, or acquire the same by 
inheritance, under conditions not 
less favourable than those which 
are, or shall be, established with 
recard to subjects of the other 
High Contracting Party or sub- 
jects or citizens of the most 
‘favoured foreign country. 
They shall not be subjected in 
any of the cases mentioned in the 
foregoing paragraph to any taxes, 
imposts or charves of whatever 
Inaltele Pirti Contractante 
onvin ca, in toate chestiunile 
privitoare la comer, navigatie, 
r.dustrie, si orice fel de intre- 
prindere, cdl si la exercitarea 
profesiunilor sau ocupatiunilor, in 
onformitate cu legile in vigoare, 
rice privilegiu, avantagiu sau 
‘munitate, acordati actualmente 
le oricare dintre Inaltele Parti 
Jontractante, sau pe care le-ar 
outea acorda in viitor, vaselor si 
supusilor sau cetdtenilor oricirui 
alt stat striin, si fie extinse, 
simultan si neconditionat, fara 
serere §i fird compensatie, asuyra 
vaselor si supusilor celeilalte 
Parti, fiilnd in intentia lor de a 
pune raporturile lor, in toate 
privintele, pe baza situatiunei 
atatuliai strain celui mai favorizat. 
ARrTicoLuL T. 
Supusii fiecdreia dintre Inaltele 
Parti Contractante, pe teritoriile 
Jeleilalte, vor avea deplind liber- 
tate de a dobAndi si poseda orice 
fel de proprietate, mobili sau 
'mobild, pe care legile celeilalte 
{nalte Parti Contractante permit, 
sau vor permite, si dobindeascd 
si si posede supusgii sau cetitenii 
yricdrui alt stat striin—Ei vor 
putea dispune de ele prin vanzare, 
jchimb, donatie, cisitorie, testa~ 
ment sau in orice alt wod, si le 
jobandeasci prin mogtenire, in 
sonditiuni nu mai putin favora- 
hile decht acelea care sunt sau 
vor fi. stabilite cu privire la 
supugii celeilalte Inalte Parti 
Jontractante, sau supusii ori 
setitenil celui mai favorizat stat 
Ei nu vor fi supusi, in niciunul 
din cazurile previzute la alineatul 
de mal sus, la nici o taxi, 
impunere san dare de orice fel.

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