Full text: Modern business geography

The Sources of Animal Products 
Qo A 
Fig. 78. The poultry industry coincides rather generally with vegetable growing (Fig. 50), 
being almost equally affected by nearness to markets. Tt is concentrated still more closely in the 
regions where corn is raised. 
H. How the slaughtering industry makes use of its by-products. 
1. Only about 56 per cent of a beef carcass is sold as cuts of meat. Explain 
what would be the effect on the price of beef if the rest were not used as 
A boy was asked to make a list of all the things in his room at home that 
contained some by-product of the packing house. Can you explain why 
he listed each of the following articles? 
Tennis racquet Soap Violin Toothbrush Plaster in wall 
Jackknife Shoes Baseball Mattress Furniture 
I. Sheep and wool. 
1. Where are the two main sheep-raising sections of the United States? 
Which section raises sheep primarily for meat? Why? 
What conditions enable our western states to raise many sheep? Name 
the five leading sheep states in this section. Why are there practically 
no sheep in southeastern California, southern Nevada. and western 
What animal is more profitable than the sheep in North Dakota and the 
states to the south of it? : 
How does the climate in the southern states make sheep raising less prof- 
itable than in the North? 
Where does your state stand as a sheep raiser? How do you explain 
its position ?

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