Full text: Modern business geography

Manufacturing Regions of the United States 259 
group of meat-packing cities, including Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, 
San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston; but there the cotton-ginning and 
cottonseed oil industries also become important. 
In the mountain section. Farther west, the only large city in or 
near the Rocky Mountains is Denver. It lies just east of a great 
mining region and west of the country’s largest grazing region. Hence 
its manufacturing takes the two-fold form of (1) animal industries, 
including some dairying as well as slaughtering and meat packing, 
and (2) mining industries in the form of great smelters, the sulphur 
by-products of which are used for sulphuric acid. 
The Pacific Manufacturing Centers 
The type of industries. Although many signs point to the future 
development of a Pacific manufacturing section resembling the in- 
tensive eastern section, most of the Pacific industries are still of the 
simple type. The splendid forests furnish lumber, which at places 
like Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland is sawed and planed or made into 
boxes for the vast amount of fruit raised in the Pacific lowlands. 
Extensive grazing ranges produce not only meat but some milk for 
butter and cheese. Flour mills are needed because of the great wheat 
fields. In Washington the streams and bays support the important 
salmon-canning industry : while in California the climate is so favor- 
able for the growth of fruits in great variety that vast quantities of 
canned peaches, dried prunes, and other preserved fruits are prepared 
for sale in the eastern and foreign markets. 
The possible use of water power. The industrial development of 
the Pacific coast was at first hampered by the scarcity and costliness 
of coal. At present the extensive use of water power, the production 
of petroleum in southern California, and some coal mining in Washing- 
ton much lessen this handicap. So great are the possibilities of de- 
veloping water power in Oregon and Washington that many people 
expect the Willamette Valley and Puget Sound region to become one 
of the world’s greatest manufacturing districts, with Seattle as its 
metropolis and Portland and Tacoma as two other great cities. The 
unexcelled forests in the neighboring mountains, and the great wheat 
fields farther east, with Spokane as their center, are important factors 
in promoting such development. An added advantage is the pecu- 
liarly healthful climate. 
The two leading California cities. The industries of San Francisco 
are chiefly those that satisfy the local needs of a large city, such as 
printing and publishing, slaughtering, iron and steel works. and bak-

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