Full text: Modern business geography

Manufacturing Regions of the United States 26 
A. Manufacturing in your own state. 
1. For detailed information on your own state, consult the Supplement to 
the last Census of the United States. Write for a copy to your congress- 
man, or to the Director, Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce 
and Labor, Washington, D. C. 
(a) What is the population of your state? 
(b) How many persons in the state have occupations? 
(¢) How many out of every hundred? 
‘d) How many are engaged in farming? mining? manufacturing? trans- 
portation ? 
How many out of every hundred in the state are in each of these 
occupations ? 
f) What occupation predominates in your state? Why? 
{g) What are the occupations of most of the people whom you know ? 
(h) What occupation would you like to follow? Why? 
i) Of what type is the manufacturing carried on in your state — complex 
and intensive, or simple? 
B. The relative position of manufacturing in various parts of the United 
In spite of their lack of coal, southern New England and New York are 
two of our most advanced industrial regions. Explain this condition. 
2. Why is the South less advanced in manufacture than the North? 
3. Explain why manufacturing has developed more rapidly : 
(a) along the Great Lakes than along the Mississippi. 
(b) along the Ohio than along the Missouri. 
(c) along the Merrimac than along the Columbia. 
‘d) along the shore of Lake Erie than along the shore of Lake Ontario. 
Which parts of the United States have a climate best suited for the ener- 
getic work required in manufacturing ? 
In which parts do the conditions of climate, soil, and relief make it difficult 
to produce the abundant food supply required by a large manufacturing 
population ? Are any such areas prominent in manufacturing ? Ex- 
C. Where to locate a manufacturing industry. 
Suppose that you have charge of locating a factory somewhere in the 
United States. Convince the rest of the class that you have chosen the 
best location for a factory of one of the following kinds : 
(a) Steel making (d* Making shoes 
(b) Meat packing (e) Refining beet sugar 
{¢) Making coarse cotton cloth (fy) Making paper

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