Full text: Modern business geography

Manufacturing Outside the United States 269 
Swiss Aviation Service 
Fic. 172. Berne, photographed from an airplane. Switzerland has no large industrial cities, 
such as Sheffield and Lille. Her products are the kind that require small amounts of raw material 
and highly skilled workmanship. and are made in small factories and home workshops. 
Throughout the mountains of southern Germany many handmade 
goods, such as toys, wooden clocks, and harmonicas, are manufactured 
in homes, often from wood taken from the surrounding forests. 
The three small countries of Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland 
are much like their larger neighbors in being regions of relatively in- 
tensive manufacturing. They differ a good deal from one another, 
however, because Belgium has local supplies of coal, Holland has re- 
markable advantages in transportation, and Switzerland has no 
special advantage except the character of its people. 
Holland as a manufacturing country. Holland is included in the 
manufacturing section of Europe because it is surrounded by indus- 
trial countries and helps many of them by the lively commerce which 
its positicn on the delta of the Rhine helps it to maintain. Commerce 
ts the leading occupation, farming is second, and manufacturing third. 
In its favorable position and lack of resources Holland is much like 
the state of New Jersey. 
With two excellent seaports, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and its 
great interest in commerce, Holland builds many ships of all sizes, in 
spite of the fact that coal and iron must be imported. Many centers 
manufacture cotton, woolen. linen, and jute goods. Chocolate. cocoa.

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