Full text: Modern business geography

Foreign Countries and World Markets 303 
Ellsworth Huntington 
Fig. 181. This market in western China represents the earliest kind of market place, which is 
merely an open space where goods for sale may be set out on the ground or on low benches. 
Most of the vendors sell what thev themselves have produced or have helped to produce 
the Guianas constitutes a region where practically all the manufac- 
tured goods must be imported from other continents. Nevertheless, 
although there are fine modern cities like Buenos Aires and Rio de 
Janeiro with hundreds of thousands of highly civilized people, the 
majority of the 75,000,000 South Americans are small consumers. 
The best South American market is in the temperate regions of the 
south where Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, and other Europeans 
make up most of the population, and where the natives themselves 
are more energetic than elsewhere in the continent. 
The United States and the South American market. One would 
think that the United States, being advanced in manufacturing and 
near South America, would almost entirely supply the markets of that 
continent. In 1926 and 1927, however, which were normal years, we 
supplied less than one fourth of the nearly two billion dollars’ worth of 
goods imported by all the South American countries. This was less 
than half as much as we sent to Great Britain alone. Nevertheless, it 
was a great improvement over 1907, when we supplied only one 
tenth of the imports of the countries of South America. During the

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