Full text: Modern business geography

Modern Business Geography 
Fig. 187. In Jaipur, as in many other cities of India, the open space of the main street is the 
public market. 
What primary products are available for export from Asia. The 
importance of an article in world trade depends partly on whether it 
is produced in amounts larger than are needed for immediate consump- 
tion. For instance, the Indian peninsula produces an enormous amount 
of millet, but as practically all of it is used as food, locally, it is far less 
important in world trade than the lead of Australia, even though its 
actual value is greater. Moreover, millet is not a kind of food that is 
desired in large quantities in progressive countries, and the demand 
for it is therefore small. 
31. Is this true of any of the important products of the United States? 
Have we a large export trade in corn? sugar? lumber? Consult the 
Year Book of the Department of Agriculture. 
If each of the continents consumed goods in proportion to the num- 
ber of its people, Asia would need about 50 per cent of each of the 
products shown in Table V. China alone has more people than Eu- 
rope, and about five times the number of people in the United States. 
32. Take the list made for Exercise 4, of the primary products which Asia 
produces to the extent of at least 20 per cent of the world’s total. Ar- 
range the products according to the size of the percentages in Table V.

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