Full text: Modern business geography

C. How sections that raise cotton are related to those that manufacture it. 
1. Examine Figure 13, on -page 19. Notice that the lines vary in length 
according to the percentage of the total amount of cotton that 
various countries manufacture. Make a similar diagram using straight 
lines to represent the following figures, which show the approximate 
percentage of the world’s cotton crop grown by each of the most important 
cotton-growing countries : 
United States 56 per cent 
[ndia ...... 19 per cent 
China ...... 10 per cent 
Egypt .. 6 per cent 
Yussia 3 per cent 
Brazil 2 per cent 
Which of the countries specializing in cotton manufacture are obliged to 
import all the raw material ? 
Why do these countries find it profitable to import and manufacture 
What countries are ready to sell them a surplus of raw cotton? 
Why is the cotton cloth manufactured in India inferior in quality to that 
manufactured in England ? 
Name three countries included under the heading, * western Europe 
outside of Great Britain and Germany,” in Figure 13. 
Why would thousands of people in England go hungry if the cotton 
crop should fail in the United States? How does this question have a 
bearing on England’s interest in our Civil War? 
*“ Almost 75 per cent of the world’s cotton is grown under two flags.’ 
Prove this statement by figures from the diagram that you have made. 
Conditions that affect the manufacturing of cotton. 
Which of the countries that manufacture cotton make enough to supply 
their own needs? (Assume that one per cent of the world’s cotton manu- 
facture is enough to supply the needs of 30,000,000 people in India, 
12,000,000 people in Germany, 8,000,000 in England, and 4,000,000 in 
the United States. Use the table of population on pages 328, 329.) 
Why does the use of cotton vary from country to country? 
Why do we place a lower tariff on cotton thread than on cotton velvets and 
laces? Why do we call a high tariff “protective 
Cotton from northern Peru can be mixed successfully with wool. How 
would you expect the price of such cotton to compare with that of ordinary 
cotton in a place like Boston? Why? 
Look up rayon and other kinds of artificial silk. What is their effect on 
the demand for cotton ? 
Use of machinery in the cotton industry. 
In a good encyclopedia look up the inventors James Hargreaves, Samuel 
Crompton, and Richard Arkwright. Explain what they had to do with 
the cotton industry. 
Tell briefly the story of Eli Whitney's invention. 
Find out what the Jacquard loom is, who invented it, and the effect of 
its invention on the cotton industry. 

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