Full text: Modern business geography

Cereal Farming 
Where wheat is cultivated. 
From 1916 to 1920 the ten leading wheat states were Washington, North 
Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Okla- 
homa, Indiana, and Ohio. Divide these states into four groups on the 
basis of climatic conditions. See Figures 3, 4, and 6. 
Discuss each group with reference to (a) time when wheat is sown, 
(b) relief, (c) methods of cultivation, and (d) position in reference to 
Rearrange the states according to production of wheat. (See Agriculture 
Year Book.) 
Wheat is so valuable that almost every country raises at least a little. 
The times of harvest in the wheat regions vary as follows : 
Australia, New Zealand, Chile 
India, Upper Egypt 
Lower Egypt, Persia, Mexico 
Texas, China, Japan, Algeria 
California, Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Spain, 
southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey 
Vashington, Oregon, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, 
Indiana, Ohio, southern England, Germany. 
southern Russia 
The Dakotas, Minnesota, southern Canada. 
Holland, Belgium, northern England 
Parts of western Canada, Scotland, Norway. 
Sweden, northern Russia 
Peru, South Africa 
Argentina, Burma, New South Wales 
On a world map make a chart to show where wheat is harvested during 
cach month. 
Plan a journey lasting throughout the year so that all your time on land 
will be spent in a country where the wheat crop is being harvested. Write 
your plan in your notebook. Show the class, by means of a wall map 
of the world, where you would be during each month of the year and how 
you would get from one country to another. Be sure to make a reason- 
able estimate of the time required to travel from one place to another. 
In Bolivia, Morocco, Spain, the Balkan states, and Turkey, wheat farm- 
ing is carried on almost entirely by hand labor. What conditions may 
help to account for this fact? (Consult relief maps.) 
Why is wheat grown in northern China, but not in southern China? 
Explain why there are no large wheat farms in eastern China (Fig. 176). 
Compare Figure 38 with Figures 17 and 18. What do you find to be 
the general northern limit of wheat growing? the southern limit ?

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