Full text: Modern business geography

Modern Business Geography 
Fia. 56. The best markets for fruit are a long distance from some of the points of production; 
but care in packing and transportation by special freight cars that keep the fruit warm enough 
in cold weather and cool enough in hot weather make it possible for western and southern fruit to 
be shipped to the northeastern markets at anv time in the vear. 
those described in the United States and Canada. For instance, the 
most important apple orchards of Europe are in the rugged lands of 
Switzerland, southern Germany, and western Austria, while the parts 
of southern England and northern France that are near the English 
Channel yield fine fruit. Nevertheless, Europe does not raise as 
many apples as she needs. Every year she imports thousands of 
barrels from the United States and Canada. 
In the south temperate zone, rugged Tasmania and rugged New 
Zealand, both with ample water protection, are the leading apple 
Citrus fruits include the orange. lemon, lime, and grapefruit. By 
far the most important is the orange. Nearly all the citrus fruits 
are esteemed for their refreshing flavor and attractive appearance. 
Where the citrus fruits can be grown. Citrus fruits are tropical, 
as the trees cannot thrive where there is frost. Fortunately for 
the United States, two sections of the country extend so far toward 
the equator or are so well protected from frosts by large bodies of

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