Full text: Iceland 1930

Grimsi is one of the previously mentioned tributaries to the Western 
Huiti. It does not, indeed, rank with the two others, viz. the Thverd 
and NorBurd; nevertheless it affords fairly good sport. At all these 
three rivers there are good bungalows and there has been no netting 
there for many years. 
The Western Hvyits drains glaciers and is netted pretty efficiently at 
some places, but this does not affect its tributaries as much as might 
be expected. 
About 10 kilometres away from the village Borgarnes, and falling 
into the firth Borgarfjor8ur, is the river Langd, a well known salmon 
river with a good bungalow. Farther on, in the same district, there 
are some other rivers where rod fishing might be successful, if the 
nets were bought off, as has already been proved in the case of one 
of them, viz. the Haffjar8ara. 
Laxs i Délum, falling into Hvammsfiordur. This river has a good 
reputation as being well stocked with salmon and the proprietor keeps 
a good hotel for anglers. 
The rvivers falling into Hiinaflsi. Some of these are good-sized 
rivers and used to be well stocked with salmon, but having been net- 
ted very much of late, they cannot be recommended at present. 
Lax3 draining Mpvatn, has already been noted as one of the very 
best salmon rivers in Iceland. 
On the east and south-east coasts of Iceland there are hardly any 
salmon rivers worth mentioning, except, perhaps, the river Hofs4, with 
ane or two of its tributaries, falling into Vopnafjsrdur. 
The Southern Hviti is to a great extent fed by glaciers, and also 
netted a good deal, so it is hardly any good for rod fishing. It re- 
ceives four big tributaries: the Sog, which is the outlet of the great 
lake Thingvallavatn, the Briard, the greater Laxd and the lesser 
Lax, but although salmon is fished in all these rivers, chiefly in the 
month of August, none of them can really be recommended as good 
salmon rivers. 
Of the many rivers and streams in Iceland where trout and char 
may be caught, the river Sog, previously mentioned, and the upper 
oart of the Lax4 draining Mpvatn, are considered to be the best. 
There are hundreds of lakes all over the island, and a great many 
of them are very good for fishing. The Thingvallavatn which is by 
far the largest of them, having an area of about 100 square kilo-

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