Full text: Iceland 1930

first census of its kind taken in any country. The nation then numbered 
some 50 000, which bad years and plagues during the eighteenth cen- 
tury reduced by 3000, so that in 1801 the country had but 47 000 
inhabitants. During the nineteenth century the population again increa- 
sed, and in 1880 it was rather more than 72000, while between 1880 
and 1890 there was again a decline of 1500, caused by the exodus 
lo America which in that decade reached its culmination, the number 
of emigrants exceeding that of immigrants by 6300. But since 1890 
there has been a steady increase as shown by the following figures, 
obtained from general decennial census returns: 
Number of population in 1890 . . . 70927 
- 1901 . . . 78470 
1810 . . . 85183 
- 1920 . . . 94690 
1929 about 106 000 
During the last 9 years (1920—1929) the average 
has been 1.26 per cent. 
annual Increase 
The population consists almost exclusively of Icelanders. The census 
of 1920 shows that only 710 persons, or 0.7 per cent., were born out 
of Iceland. Of these, 352 were born in Denmark, 205 in the other 
Scandinavian countries, and 153 elsewhere. . 
During the last quarter of the nineteenth century there was a con- 
siderable emigration from Iceland to America, particularly to Canada. 
The highest figures were reached in 1887, when about 2000 persons 
emigrated. In this (the 20th) century there was some emigration (avera- 
ging about 200 a year) up to the Great War, when it practically 
stopped. The exact number of Icelanders resident in America is not 
known, but probably it does not exceed 25000, most of them living in 
Canada, especially in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while some 5600 
are citizens of the United States (cfr. the U. S. census 1920). 
As already mentioned, the population of Iceland at the census of 1920 
numbered 94 960. Of this total, 46 172 were males, 48 518 females. 
To every 1000 males there were thus 1051 females, This difference 
is greater than it was in other European countries till the Great War 
broke out and reduced the number of males much more than that of

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