Full text: Iceland 1930

with Icelandic subjects born in Iceland, and vice versa; that the sub- 
jects of either country shall be exempted from military service in 
the other; that access to fishing in the territorial waters of both 
countries is equally free to Danish and Icelandic subjects, irrespective 
of residence; that Danish ships in Icelandic harbours have the same 
privileges as Icelandic vessels, and vice versa; and that Danish and 
Icelandic goods and produce shall mutually enjoy the most favour- 
able terms granted to any country. —- The act provides that Den- 
mark shall act on Iceland’s behalf in foreign affairs. In the ministry 
of foreign affairs a representative shall be appointed well acquainted 
with Icelandic conditions for the purpose of dealing with Icelandic 
matters and furthering Icelandic interests. Iceland may have consuls 
appointed where there are none at present. Moreover attachés familiar 
with Icelandic conditions shall be attached to the already existing con- 
sulates and legations. The Icelandic government may also send dele- 
gates to other countries to conduct negotiations in matters specially 
concerning Iceland. All treaties between Denmark and other countries 
already concluded and published shall, in so far as they concern Ice- 
land, remain in force for that country too. But treaties ratified by Den- 
mark after the act of union has taken effect, are not binding on Ice- 
land without the consent of the Icelandic authorities concerned. The 
fisheries protection in Icelandic territorial waters shall be performed 
by Denmark under the Danish flag, until Iceland may decide to under- 
take this duty. The monetary system, which has hitherto been in force 
in both countries, shall continue as long as the Scandinavian coinage- 
union exists; and finally the Danish supreme court shall have juris- 
diction in Icelandic cases until Iceland decides to establish a court of 
final appeal of her own. This jurisdiction of Denmark’s supreme court 
ceased in 1920, when a court of final appeal was instituted in Iceland. 
The share payable by Iceland to Denmark for the management of these 
affairs is to be fixed according to an agreement made by the govern- 
ments of both countries. 
In order to safeguard the union, the act provides that an advisory 
body shall be creatad as well as a court of arbitration, in case of 
a ‘difference of opinion arising about the provisions of the act of union. 
This advisory body shall consist of at least 6 members, three of whom 
are to be appointed by Althingi, the other three by the Rigsdag. DBe- 
fore any measure coucerning the management of the affairs specified 
in the act, or any bill relating to the specific affairs of either coun- 
trv. which at the same time mav affect the other state and the

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