Full text: Comparison of rates of duty in the Tariff Act of 1930 and in the Tariff Act of 1922

Comparison of rates of duly in the tariff act of 1922 and the tariff act of 1930—Continued 
\ct of| Act of | 
1922 | 1930 
Unit of 
Imports, calendar year 1928 
Computed duties on 
1928 imports 
i \ Value 
Quantity | Vale | Vole | Act of 1022] Act of 1630 
Act of 1922 
Rate of duty 
Act of 1830 
Actual or com. 
puted ad valo- 
rem rate 
Actof | Actof 
1922 1930 
in the iollowing ol rates of duty are so 
lassified for some articles in the tariff act of 1930 
that the rates of duty therein can not be applied 
:0 available import statistics for those articles for 
1928. Available data for the poncomparable 
items are shown by paragraphs below. 
“er cent| Per cent 
86.10 jacicaeao 
213 | 
1302 Rayon waste, not further advanced than sliver or ° 
15, 157 
20 cents per pound, not less thar 
25 per cent. 
Zo percent tf. .cegeeememaayieannr 
10 contg or poasd plus 25 per | 
* cent. _ 
10 cents per pound plus 30 per 
5, 471 
2 Sundry imports of rayon manufactures_...___.___ 
,636,664 |._....._| 3,260,550 
Cm ARG aap ea] 
70.32 |omenomn 
Total, Schedule 13, for which compar. |... .____. ___., 4.65182 - 13,266,020 nooo v0.28 fame 
able calculations can not be made, | meee 
otal, Schedule Beemer 16, 077,417 I 9, 285, 380 eee nn iES EE RRR Se sysp msn nema ne mr wmmmmeeen | BLTB oon 
f : } SEE Bde BS tt fo 
rts itm emer assirissimmmisesminimsss oats or ——rr i -_ lL a ; : 
+ A duty of 45 cents per pound additional for yarns having more than 20 turns twist per inch, the computed duty of $880,341 includes $18,441 calculated at this additional rate for imports of such high-twist yarns estimated at 
0,980 pounds valued at $79,171. 
* Estimated. for 1 Kt I 
Includes rayon yarns put up for home work, transferred under act of 1930 to par. 1304. 
Rayon silk noils were held dutiable as rayon waste under T, D. 41362; 1] act of 1930 noils are separately provided for at 25 per cent ad valorem. 
Includes small amounts of cellulose acetate rayon waste transferred under act of 1930 to par. 31 
As import statistics for rayon noils are not segregated the effect of the increase can not be shown, 
Partial for items for which duties can not be compared, see figure for par. 1302 at end of schedule. 
As imports are not segregated; included in * plied IAYOD yarns’ (2 or more yarns twisted together) in par. 1301, 
J Duties can not be compared—see composite total for Sundry imports of rayon and manufactures of’ at end of schedule. 
: 1 fecgniy figured, 5 Re York sajna, if part) 
ile wholly eat or wholly uncut, rate as shown; if partly cut, 5 pe tional. } ] 
? Figures given do not cover knit fabrics and knit goods of artificial hoses er or cellophane, which are included in the composite total for “Sundry imports of rayon and manufactures of*’ at end of schedule. 
¢ Not hemmed, rate as shown; if hemnmed or hemstitched, 5 per cent additional. 
{ No corresponding provisions. 
5 Noils separately provided for. 
® Garnetted or carded rayon. 
/ 8liver, tops, and rovings. 

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