Full text: The reconstruction of agriculture in the Soviet Union

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Es 3 8 
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Poor Peasant 
Yield of winter wheat (in 
centners per hectare) 8.1 100 10.8 
Milk yield (in kilo- 
grams per cow) .....1030.7 1074.9 1376.9 104.3 188.6 
Yield of winter wheat 7.2 8.2 9.6 1189 1833 
Milk yield ............ 646.0 768.1 056.2 118.9 148.0 
Yield of spring wheat... 12.8 12.9 13.1 100.8 102.3 
Milk yield ..............1228.9 1249.4 1364.5 101.7 111.0 
Peasant Kulak 
It is clearly evident that while the middle peasant 
holdings show a lower level of productivity in com- 
parison with the highest group, the poorest group shows 
an even lower productivity than the middle peasant 
In an especially clear-cut fashion may be seen the 
limitations of petty-peasant production by comparing 
its productivity and its means of production with that 
of the collective and state farms. Let us examine a 
comparison of expenditures per unit of labor as among 
the different groups of individual peasant holdings and 
collective and state farms. The expenditures per work- 
ing day for the various types of farms are given below, 
in rubles: 
*The proletariat and semi-proletariat of the wvillege—peasants 
selling their labor power, to whom this source of income is of 
primary or secondary importance. 
Small market growers—independent farmers who do not hire 
any labor or who hire labor to a very small extent. 
Petty-capitalist houscholds—farms on which hired labor is 
used to a comparatively larger extent. 

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