Full text: Hours and earnings of men and women in the hosiery industry

Table X. (b) Weekly Earnings of Full-Time Workers by Length of Scheduled Hours and Sex 
Seamless hosiery 
Scheduled hours 
Sl ————————" tt _—— Ct mm——"——_—__ 
- Over 48 and | Over 50 anc 
under 50 5 "under 53 
Weekly earnings 
Uver 60 
52 and 
under b4 
{ver 54 
Num. | Per  Num- 
ber | cent | ber 
| | i 
Num- | Per | Nom | Per [ Num-| Per | Num: | Per | Num-. Per | Num- | Per 
ber ' eent ber | eent ner cent | her eent | ber | eent : her | cent 
Per | Num- Per 
cent | ber  eent 
THEE Bi wpevwin: wimmmomn si in i SHE 
A and under & ooo TTT 
4 and under $% ..__._ a — ———— 
and under $< ______ Sid fmrsmn sewn 
and under ¢ | ______ 
and under ¢ mmm irene eeman emcee 
band mder foam 
71 and under ir wi ip i si 
and under AR WOR SUGANO WA: Wo 
and under mms wh mai vi oe ie Lg we 
"and under SE emma 
15 and under mmm me 
18 and under sora ncn Lm by sate 
17 and under RR Smee meme em mand 
518" and under mmm em a een 
119 and under mmm meee mamma eam fem 
120 and under sna mmm sms 
121 and under ssc wr ——— i ——--"_ a sia 
122 and under © ooo oe. 
23 and under - ve mee lmmemm nme een 
24 and under . .. mmm fee em ae 
26 and under PU 1 issn iiss mmismns 
$26 and under ™  _ 1 [osm beeen ee 
327 and under in melee fm i Joss i po 
j28 and under remem ef eies 
120 and minder rm sr Fi rem ee) cero mr sp—— 
po We 0 we pein, ee a 
a EE 
Jot: dal es Sd Et 
EID om oS SE 
mE = eon esse eee as ION Sse SEER eERe 
smn IE TT 
TE momar br mf mtr ino reenth 8 nsis rasan 
i EE 
III TI off 
eee mr I en 
es name —_—_€——— wren fummmnmaanmnn nanan nme} 1 
Fn I 3 TT 
on Com eT a 
TTT TTT TTT TIT TTT mrtnesutttef nmin ie tua 
$30 and under * mm te fe fee mms fm be ree awn a mmm an mee or mem mmm mmm mmm mmm mm ce cor rem mmm ecm me oe 
81 and under ¢ o.oo | TT IIIT TTT em TT TT TTT TTT 
32 and under ¢ TT mmm ee ee ee ee em mmm i 
£and under & TT TT I TT eee TT 
Mand under $l TT rT ere 
and under 887 LT rT 
un tT NS 
i CF 
2And URART § ee ee ee TT TT 
0 and under § TT TT 
1 BOQ WHEE Bc wumiisn poimmeionas rsisns fsam meer mn ee sm mtn a A I HR lemme Bee eee 
Zand under & 
3 and under $l ___i__ll0 meme mn on mmm mo em me mm oT TT TTT 
4 and under $45 _.___ mmm cr ee mmm mmm ee mm mem mm mm mmm mm me meme emm om|TTT 
Sand under &4 TTT 
TARA NAT $7 oe em emma TIT 
“and under & ; oo—_l.______ remem fee reenter rn tp. TASS 75. mk nmr. m—————dre rire ren 
Yand under $0 TT Tr TTT 
cand under § le TT TT 
2 AOE TBOOE Bo eof pasos emma mm mmm sims] scissile. Rie See SORA RETR eit sre re emer metre 
TERE DOI Tesi mien sai osbini os Hi SS  em , mn: stent eee errr boron remo me m——rere 
@ and Under §  ooomlioooe loli TTT So Se NS RASS oe SETHE rt Horm mere re eer 
Band under § | Im 
> and under § ______i_______ rere ere eet fee eeren] tee a a, SS Ro mS. Wi tee ep rer po 
and under <  ______'_______ snesmmsfa mrt mremmal ra emon [oem eee em ie A AR A HR HAR on HAE eer heremrmeeeem borers ee Beret oem eee 
cand under ¢ TTT 
EE CT SR erm rem ren re Harm Te 
and under & Lo ee ee ee em me mm TTT meme mmm 
BOE BIJELE §  oocfsmnimsrsamn ss susan msm bess meni print mmr sn fname rrtimeen rrceme beeen ener heer: Jeers Serene — 
and under § oe mt | mm mmm mmm ee eee TT 
cand under fl mn met nr ssn oe restr trie 
and under § J 
and under ¢ em, A AHS a A Sim 3 
*f and under § |___ Ly I LITITIIITITTIIIITIIIT EE EE — 
Sand under § ol es a rra— mmm ee em cme | ecm mm mmm ee mmc em me fe imme em en een 
cand under fe ee | TT TTT 
and under { Li. TTT emf ee en eee teeter rem emer 
and under © i TTT CITT a 
cand under ¢ | ______ i  TT I A TT TTT 
BOG BOJBE ¥ ccs asamp spss msi isto, Rms eres iis mam fwd remem grm ms femme mg <paene Luter rts aumento 
and under | | TT 
and under ! |... wns mesenger neie asp amt ma mmm rm cm ee ee ee ee eee 
5 and under * EE  — T—— wae ieltemmeme remeron AY HY A cement em erat mrt me wg en 
t and under § | _LlTITTT|TTTTT so fois ns i eB A SA Hm Hid 
. 5 and under § lo... semanas sme aeosuijameesesjensns Raimi fies war wes ems oe et tLe et eer rt re 
¥76 and under § .____i-______ T77 omen eee SR I LS NO OA SON NO 
77 and under {. ee acme feesimm cme ml ee ee] ee ee he 

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