Full text: Hours and earnings of men and women in the hosiery industry

Table XI. (d) Annual Earnings by Occupational Classification, Women— (Concluded) 
Seamless hosiery TT 
Qceupational classification 
Annual earnings 
| Pairing 
and welting 
Splice | ) 
cutting Topping 
Winding | Other 
Jum-' Per 
ber | cent 
: i 
Num- | Per | Num. Per | Num-| Per 
ber cent ber i cent ' her : cout 
Num- | Per | Num. | Per | Num | Per  Num-| Per |Num-| Per 
ber | eent | ber | cent ber | eent | ber | port ! ber | cent 
Under $200 __. 
® 200 and under 
250 and under 
300 and ander 
350 and under 
400 and under 
450 and under 
500 and under 
550 and under 
“00 and onder 
“50 an¢ under 
"arc onder 
a-  mder 
ar’ ander 
4 under 
. ar under 
CC ar’ under 
1000 a” ander 
1052 =~ ander 
1100 ander 
‘150 a andr 
200 ar under 
£50 ar: onder 
1800 ars under 
1350 an( under 
430 and under 
“450 and under 
1500 and under 
$1550 and under 
$1600 and under 
216850 and under 
TT a A SR: p— 
To I To TE dT 
ITT A 3 foe a 2 
i its | mene forme mcmama! 8 foeee 
TTT p— — ll ee 
A — ool mn 
re een BT ey 
BE p— ool mmr 
en mee cm em mma] an meee 
f—— — oo wei] Bm 
Tr Tm mee 
TL DEER, A ofa A A 
TI lB weet sessions 
m—————————emm mm a + bem mm 
ITT TTT eT SS Rl a Se 
Trot emma een 
mmo hermano es 
frome 8 pommel omen 
wens ow i ie 
fre 8 mE — 
= Rem im 
Jo mn L Lim rere 
— 5 smn m 
Vomsaad 3 _ 1 lon 
— 1 i renege 
ee He 
Vesna om femmenn emma 1 eee 
§ TTT 
I sie FREER 
$1700 and under oi pa Cr Tl ein ion ns Nd OA BS 
51750 and under SA SR en mmr haga’. puma rei gin fan wg wna hp ens wes ge pein pn — 
$1800 and under mmm eme res mem bo spar, mm my mmm fm rer Femme mn el mem mm mms fee pe | = =) 4 
51550 and under ToT TT CT TIT [rere eee oe eee eee De 
51900 and under wo ® ran } mmm femme mmm fee eee ee fe en fee 
51950 and under mma meee mmf mmmes mree ef mmm farm n——— 
82000 and under mm ——_ sonasmifomimmspmecneloesmma lmao nt am mem wn tn RR Vm om V0 mB me fm mm tem rp emeten 
52050 and under J ea ee a a mmm fe ff e 
32100 and undei F——, pss ste fo its imines iit Joiner - ame mene eee 
$2150 and under A _ wor spammers smtp inion ie fui emis j= I ——— sews meen ese 
52200 and under . _y ® om lp sm mH ws [ug ste aint, ai a A) pred ee | os rine A mr 
29250 and under _ a mmm} Fe emo mmm mmm | cme em mea rere mf ee 
52300 and ander Ee  — _— ET — mmm mmm fee ei [ia 
$2350 and unc : EE re pe peed fpwapes lop gue] mi SR me meen sehen bod ERE _ — 
52400 and anc ° -- 3 ome mmameman mmm mre Sn vm" me ———tm— ee amma me cm mmm meee 
2450 and ur” - mms mame Esme Tomlin: emo en . meee — 
2500 and 1pf i A I TRS | SRR Be Reis am emo CO NT Eee ees ang as 
2600 and in” presepmsnmens oan JOR TE — tl ee 
2700 we x ssa i At enfin rns mmmefomemmeamme mme mei meen cmmee lamin cmmme emo cme cee emee 
32800 ar. mmm rom hr ms m——— smn mo bam mm sm fs mmm mm sm el —- _. ol . __ — - 
3290C an. we —— | — [w———— oi a momma apna essnns Ae GeeE MWENR eee el — - SEE 
3000 ari er aR] Sa | Terns nnn fone [reer amen leememan ama omm smemes omer meme ammemn emma eeme le renen 
33100 and ur... mmm Simms mini bins Vm Jit ter Am tino berm mid ers mmm batt tas smn wan mm mmm mmm mn man 
13200 and under  . . ooo wr smn anim meses fim: an memo mn res ee en 
$3300 and under 5400 _.__. ani mim Jammie [tars emis Veosss isin mem smn i JR [A pi, Sm presmmetfrerrorn 
$3400 and under #500 o_o. lemmeoofiooo a SR ANH ret |rmsprestoms mmr [rem ———— CII memo] ome 
BHO ANA OFF cimcmens  sememsmanemmmnss mss aston mn sme lose be mim ee como eerie mmm To 
Total oceeeee- a I... Si TE... «| "Tag | * | 14 * | 4 * | 294 | 100.0 22 1 16 | * 
eee ete Fe TTT tree, e——— eee ee ——————————————————— 
Median annual earnings _ ____________.i $A99 — sr92 |__| 954 |.______ wl *x I 8849 |__| lI ss40 — 9863 |.._____ 
* Per cent not computed where the base is less than 100. 
vx Median not eomnuted where the number is less than 15. 

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