Full text: The electrical equipment market of the Netherland East Indies

Teis water-power station on the Ketahun River in Sumatra. This 
station, which has a capacity of 1,480 kilowatts was originally built to 
supply power to the Government gold and silver mines at Tambang 
Sawah, but during 1928 it was decided to close these mines. The 
Teis station will shortly be used to supply power for lighting and 
industrial purposes to Tjoeroep, Kepahiang, and Bencoolen. A 
report of the Bureau of Water Power and Electricity at the end of 1929 
mentions that a further extension of the Teis station is planned. 
The principal private water-power stations are two plants owned by 
the N. I. Portland Cement Mij. near Padang, with respective capact- 
ties of 1,800 kilowatts and 1,200 kilowatts, and the station of the 
Handelsvereeniging ‘ Amsterdam,” near Medan, which has a capacity 
of 2,520 kilowatts. Two mining companies, the Redjang Lebong 
Mining Co. and the Simau Mining Co. have water-power plants 
with a total capacity of over 2,600 kilowatts, also located in southern 
During the last 10 years various schemes have been advanced for 
the utilization of the potential water power of the Outer Possessions 
for electrochemical industries. Over 500,000 theoretical horsepower 
has been definitely located on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, and 
Celebes in connection with these schemes, but lack of financial sup- 
port has caused the abandonment of most of them. It is said that 
the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of calcium carbides 
and other chemicals are to be found in abundant quantities in these 
A greater proportion of the total output of Government power 
stations is developed by steam than is the case with either the public- 
utility companies or private concerns. During 1928 over 90 per cent 
of the output of the Government plants was derived from steam, as 
compared with 60 per cent of the output of the public-utility com- 
panies, the balance being Diesel powered. No figures are available 
concerning the prime movers used by private companies, but it is 
believed that they use more water power and oil as fuel than they do 
steam. - 
The most important steam-power stations in the Netherland 
East Indies, with their capacities, are given below: 
SreaM-PowER StaTiong. NETHERLAND East InpIiEs. 1928 
Baty. coca 
Babayd. coo cusps vamp 
Sumatra: ' 
Medan... ooo... 
Palembang _________.____._____ 
Taajeh.._.. “we 
Tandjoeng..... NERO 
Padang... re 
Poeos Laoet_ _._............ 
BOB ci wows mimmimsinmsi mimics 
Celebes: Makassar ........._._.. 
Banka: Mantoeng o-oo... 
Nolo 0. Mmmm 
3 NL Ba Moiiassammneanss 
B. P. Mugu susivmamnunnmi 
N. LG Mea 
eaeelOn een 
Government o_o... 
swirls py 
waa EE 
oOo all 
3. P.M. 
IL SS — 
Yo de iB Mais vunmmpmmunnsn 
Yovernment o_o 
Public service. .oeaecouooo. 
ts Ep ot RS 
Oil company ...ocooewaooo.. 
Public service... _._..._... 
soo trop eS 
Coal WAND wwe +m mmission 
tgs sons A 
Public service... .. _ ____. 
Coal mines... o.oo... 
Joal company _...___.___.___ 
Public service... _.... 
MINES. in mem id 
in kilo- 
7, 900 
16, 800 
1. 600 
2, 500 
2, 500 
6, 100 
2, 500 
9 (iO 
3, 000 
6, 000 
1, 700 
2, 500 
19 000

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