Full text: Peach culture in California

1930] Praca Currurk IN CALIFORNIA 43 
trees showing low vigor. The whitish larvae, having a flattened portion 
just behind the head, hatch in the spring and mine the inner bark 
and sapwood and may girdle the branch or trunk. Prevent sunburn 
by proper pruning and whitewashing, and avoid injuries or wounds 
to the tree. Keep the tree vigorously growing by supplying sufficient 
water and thus discourage egg laying by the beetles. When borers are 
in the tree the only feasible control is digging them out. 
Fig. 12.—Fruit damaged by peach twig-borer, showing surface injury. 
(From California Agr. Exp. Sta. Bul. 355.) 
Peach Twig-Borer, Anarsia lineatella Zell —This is a small reddish- 
brown caterpillar about one-half inch long, which burrows into and 
kills buds and twigs, and may infest the fruit. The larvae hibernate 
just beneath the bark in crotches of the smaller branches, and emerge 
in the early spring to infest buds and new shoots. Later they change 
to tiny moths which fly about the orchard depositing eggs. These give

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