Full text: Peach culture in California

1930] Praca Currure IN CALIFORNIA 
hand, which is most widely destructive, hibernates as an adult in the 
soil or crevices on the bark of trees as well as on other plants. Adults 
of this form appear about May or June and continue feeding and egg 
laying thoughout the summer. Summer oil and sulfur sprays and 
sulfur dusts seem to be effective against this pest. Red spiders are less 
injurious in orchards that are well supplied with soil moisture than 
in orchards that are suffering from drought. 
Gophers.—There are five methods used for destroying gophers, 
namely, (1) poisoning, (2) trapping, (3) fumigating, (4) flooding, 
and (5) protection of the gopher’s natural enemies, especially the barn 
owl and the gopher snake. A combination of two or more of the 
above methods is more certain than any one of them. Traps are 
especially satisfactory for individual gophers in orchards. Poisoning 
and fumigation are used when gophers are numerous over a large 
acreage. Flooding is automatic when the orchard is irrigated and it 
is easy to kill the gophers which are flooded out.*? 
Ground Sgquirrels.—Ground squirrels may be controlled by the 
methods employed for gophers except that flooding is not effective. 
These methods are used at various times depending on the dampness 
of the soil and the habits and life cycle of the squirrels. Poisoned 
grain is used to a considerable extent and is perhaps the most 
satisfactory remedy. 
Rabbits and Deer.—Rabbits and deer are sometimes abundant and 
become serious pests in young orchards. Shooting, poisoning and 
fencing are the principal means of protection. 
It is practically impossible to grow peaches commercially without 
the use of sprays or dusts, or both, because of the various disease and 
insect pests. The use of fungicides and insecticides has become a 
regular part of the orchard business. There are many kinds of 
standard spraying and dusting machines as well as reliable materials 
that the fruit grower may purchase for use in his orchard. 
As has been stated previously, peach trees require spraying at 
critical times with certain materials. In order to do this efficiently a 
power sprayer is almost essential. Tor emergency purposes, where 
quick and economical methods are imperative, a power duster is often 
The spraying or dusting machinery should be kept in good condi- 
tion and ready for action when the time arrives for its use. The 
22 Dixon, Joseph. Control of pocket gophers and moles in California. California 
Agr, Ext. Cir. 29:1-16. 1929,

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