Full text: Religion, colonising & trade

cannot be followed up here. The English paupets 
were supplemented by various other species of 
colonists. Highland soldiers were a great source of 
strength, and among other immigrants were a small 
number of persecuted Protestants from Central Europe, 
refugees from the Archbishopric of Salzburg, whom 
the S.P.CK. were instrumental in sending out. 
Under circumstances of extraordinary difficulty which 
might have been expected to make a fiasco inevitable, 
Oglethorpe, whether as soldier or as beneficent auto- 
crat, must be judged on the whole to have achieved 
marked success. He administered the colony for ten 
years till 1743, and in 1752, before the term of their 
charter expired, the trustees handed over Georgia to 
the Crown. 
One feature in the story is of special concern in 
connexion with the subject of this book. As we all 
know, John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and Whitefield 
all came on the stage in the infancy of Georgia, but no 
missionary work was done by them among the natives. 
That was not to come? until the Old Empire had 
1 The main body of these persecuted Protestants were received 
into Prussia. See Carlyle’s History of Frederick the Great. Book IX, 
chap. iii, and Book X, chap. vi. 
® Reference has already been made above on pp. 29-30, to 
the letter written to Sir Robert Walpole, and published in 1731 by 
F. Hall on The Importance of the British Plantations in America io this 
Kingdom, etc., see Select Tracts relating to Colonies, No. 8, B.M., Catalogue 
1029, E. 15. The writer is emphatic on the value of the plantations 
and also on the loyalty of the people, ¢ especially where there are few 
ot no clergy’ (p. 23), and he condemns the clergy as never going 
among the Indians. Our priests, though I have been told some of 
them have been sent over by a society for propagating the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts, never go among the Indians ; nor did I ever hear of 
any one Indian converted to the Christian faith by an English priest 
except by Dr. Mather in New England, who from the joy of his heart

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