the scale towards document 13 5, I O 00 o "4 CD > ■^J Safeguarding Invested Capital. 29 On receipt of such a list the Registry will inform its owner how far his investment position can be improved as to capital safety; also whether, and by how much, the income can be increased without diminishing the safety of the capital invested. The expert knowledge of the Registry’s staff is so extensive that this information can be ascertained without much work being expended upon the list submitted; it is therefore given free of charge. At the same time, an inclusive fee is quoted for advising upon and suggesting re-arrangement of the list. Unless the estimate is accepted no fee becomes payable, and therefore no responsibility attaches to the investor in submitting a rough list of his holdings. The fee quoted covers the following work :— 1. Apportioning the investments held to their proper geographical areas—ascertaining and re ­ porting as to the profit or loss shown on all the investments, the income and yield of each, and the average yield and total income obtained—examin ­ ing the quality of all the investments held, and suggesting how far a re-arrangement is advisable. Note.—The investor receives the above information in the form of a preliminary report, together with a question form, on which he is requested to state his exact investment requirements. 2. The correspondence and interviews necessary to correct errors (if any) in the original list sub ­ mitted, and the task of ascertaining the investor’s exact requirements in order that the quality of the stocks, he should hold, may be definitely determined.