CONTENTS CHAPTER VII THE EFFECT OF FOOD AND OF DILUTION ON THE ACTION OF ALCOHOL, [ntroduction—The Influence of Food on the Alcohol Effect —The Influence of Dilution on the Alcohol Effect— Why have Dilute Alcoholic Liquids a Low Intoxicating Power >—The Steady Disappearance of Alcohol from the Blood—A Comparison of the Effects of Various Alcoholic Drinks—The Effect of Drinking Neat Spirits—A Scien- tific Scheme of Differential Taxation - PAGE (5C CHAPTER VIII THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL ON LONGEVITY [ntroduction—The Influence of Excessive Indulgence in Alcohol—Alcoholism in Various Social Classes—The Evidence from Life Insurance Offices—Does Moderate Drinking Affect Longevity ?—The Racial Effect of Alcohol —The Influence of Alcohol on Industrial Effi- ciency - CHAPTER IX RECAPITULATION [NDEX 202 “4 8