Full text: Report on an enquiry into wages and hours of labour in the cotton mill industry, 1926

wage was universal in Ahmedabad and in Sholapur and was about equally 
listributed with piece rates for Front and Back Sizers in Bombay. 
Front Sizers generally receive about double the amount paid to Back 
Sizers. The unit for payment in the case of piece rates is X per 1,000 Ibs. 
of sized warp yarn wrapped onthe beams. Both Drawers and Reachers 
mn the Drawing-in Department at all centres are generally paid 
according to the number of ends drawn through the * eyes” of the 
string in the heald or heddle, the unit for purposes of wage calculations 
generally being 1,000 ends drawn. 
82. Weavers were universally paid at piece rates at all centres. In 
Bombay and Sholapur the unit for payment is a pound of cloth produced. 
In Ahmedabad a piece is the unit. Different rates are laid down for 
different qualities. Jobbers inthe Weaving Department may be paid either 
at time rates or at piece rates. In the latter case the rates are determined 
either on total production, the unit being 1,000 Ibs. or as a percentage of 
the total wages earned by the weavers on the looms under each Jobber. 
Workers in the Yarn Bundling and Baling Department in Bombay are 
paid at time rates in some mills and at piece rates in others, the unit 
for payment in the latter case being the number of bundles handled. 
Piece rates in the Cloth Folding, Baling and Finishing Departments were 
only paid in one mill in Bombay. Work in the Yarn Bundling and Cloth 
Folding Departments in Ahmedabad and Sholapur was almost universally 
remunerated at time rates. All operatives in the remaining Depart- 
ments of a cotton mill which have not been specifically dealt with above 
are universally paid at time rates in all centres with the exception of 
some rope splicers in Ahmedabad who are paid per 1b. Children were 
universally paid at time rates both in Ahmedabad and in Sholapur. 
83. The following three tables show, separately for adult males, 
adult females, and all operatives (including children) the numbers of 
workers on time rates, on piece rates, and on combined time and piece 
rates respectively at each centre. The percentage which each figure 
bears to the total number returned is given in italics below the figure 
to which it relates :— 
vw. Distribution of Adult Male Operatives according to Time and 
Piece Rates 
3 76l 
Number on 
Time Rates 
1,945 | 
51°71 ’ 
Number on 
Mece Rates 
48+ 2G 
Number on 
Time and 
diece Rates 
MO R 36-8

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