Full text: Modern business geography

stimulating to man, and the location causes the labor supply to be 
Where cotton goods are manufactured. Some of the cotton used 
in your home or in your clothes was probably imported. The United 
States normally makes only a little 
more than a quarter of the world’s 
supply of cotton goods and consumes 
many varieties that she does not 
make. Great Britain and Japan 
each manufacture about one eighth; 
China, one tenth; France, India, 
Germany, and Italy, each one twenti- 
eth. Half of the remainder is manu- 
factured in the other countries of 
western Europe, and half in the rest 
of the world (Fig. 13). 
Figure 13 is based simply on 
quantity. If quality be taken into 
account, and if the value of cotton 
manufactures be made the basis of 
a table, the United States and the 
European countries stand higher than appears above ; the Asiatic coun- 
tries, being beginners, stand lower. In the United States the northeast, 
especially New England, which has long manufactured cotton, makes 
the best kinds of cotton cloth, while the South, where the industry is 
newer, turns out chiefly coarse varieties. This is partly because there 
is more efficient labor in Europe and New England, and partly because 
when the manufacture of cotton first begins it is easier to make the 
cheaper kinds which do not require such expensive machinery. 
The making of cotton goods by hand. Hand methods of making 
cotton goods, as we have seen, are still employed in many parts of the 
world ; for example, in the interior of China and India and among 
the Japanese mountains. Most of the backward sections make no 
more than enough cloth for local use. In some regions, such as India 
and Japan, the thread is mostly spun in factories and is then sold 
to the weavers, who make the cloth by hand. Switzerland, central 
France, and Ireland, however, have a highly advanced cotton indus- 
try which produces hand-made goods of a quite different kind. These 
consist of laces, embroideries, and cloths of such delicate texture, 
graceful pattern, or lasting quality that they are much prized by people 
in distant regions. They have given rise to an important trade.

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