Full text: Iceland 1930

cussions etc, it publishes scientific and learned works, chiefly dealing 
with Icelandic history and literature. — Hid islenzka Thjédvinatélag 
(The Society of the Icelandic People’s Friends), founded in 1869, was 
originally political, but soon began to devote itself to the publication of 
a kind of popular science series. It also publishes two annuals contain- 
ing articles on a variety of subjects. — HJ islenzka Fornleifatélag 
(The Icelandic Archzological Society), founded 1879 for the collection 
and preservation of Icelandic antiquities, issues a Year-Book dealing 
with archaological matters. — Hi3 islenzka Nittirufradistélag (The 
Icelandic Natural History Society), founded in 1889 for the purpose 
of collecting objects of natural history, publishes an annual report. — 
Séqufélagid (The Icelandic Historical Society), founded 1902, publishes 
texts dealing with the history of Iceland from about 1500 onwards. — 
Fornritafélag Islands (The Early Icelandic Text Society) was founded 
in 1928 for the purpose of bringing out a standard edition of the old 
Icelandic classics, complete in 32 volumes, the first of which is to ap- 
pear this year or in 1931; thenceforward one or two vols will be 
published every year. 
There are other associations of a more exclusive character, as e. g. 
Stiidentafélag Reykjavikur (The University Men's Union in Reykia- 
vik), founded in 1871. The union has for a number of years arranged 
for courses of popular lectures to be given both in and outside 
the capital. —- Visindafélag [slendinga (Iceland's Scientific Society), 
founded 1918 by the professors in the university and a few other men 
of science, works for the advancement of learning and science by giv- 
ing lectures and publishing books. Mention should also be made of: 
Laknafélag [stands (the Icelandic Medical Society); Kennarafélag 
fstands (The Teachers’ Association of Iceland); Prestafélag Islands 
(The Association of Icelandic Clergymen); and Verkfrazdingafélag fs- 
lands (The -Association of Civil Engineers), each publishing a profes- 
sional periodical. 
Listvinafélagid (The Lovers of Art Society), founded 1916, works for 
the promotion of the fine arts by arranging art exhibitions. 
For physical culture, comprising gymnastics, swimming, ski-running, 
skating, football, wrestling, etc, a number of clubs and unions has 
been organized in the country. Wrestling (glima) is purely Icelandic 
and quite different from the Greco-Roman style. It requires a tre- 
mendous amount of practice, and the chance of winning depends on 
suppleness more than strength or weight. — All these clubs and unions

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