Full text: Iceland 1930

supplied to the farmers at 29% above cost price. Under the same act 
treightage and {ransport may, during 1929 to 1931, be paid out of 
the treasury. 
Before the Improvement of Estates Act came into force, The Skeid 
and Fl6i irrigation works, affecting some 18000 hectares of land, 
were commenced, respectively in 1917 and 1922, the water being sup- 
plied from the rivers Thjérsi and Hvitd. The first of these under- 
takings reached its completion in 1922 and cost 430 000 krénur; the 
expenses of the latter, which is still in course of construction, are 
estimated at 1000000 krénur. One-fourth of the total outlay is de- 
frayed by the State. 
The management and supervision of all matters relative to the pro- 
motion of agriculture in general, in so far as it is dependent on pe- 
cuniary support from the State, are entrusted to The Agricultural 
Society of Iceland (Binadarfélag Islands), under the control of the 
Minister of Industrial Affairs. This Society was formed in 1899; in 
1929 it had a membership of 2600, besides 94 local agricultural asso- 
cations. The object of the society is the promotion of agriculture and 
allied industries, by research and experimental work, money grants, 
guidance etc. The society also deals with all matters connected with 
the reclamation of sandy wastes. The greater part of the means at its 
disposal consists of annual State grants which, though at first no more 
‘han 7000 krénur, had in 1910 risen to 54 000 krénur, and are in the 
sudget for 1930 fixed at 240 000 krénur. 
The highest authority in all affairs of the society is vested in the 
Agricultural Council (Binadarthing) meeting annually in Reykjavik, 
and consisting of twelve representatives, seven of whom are elected 
by the Unions of Agricultural Associations (Biinadarsambénd), and four 
by the Agricultural Society of Iceland, at its general meeting. The twelfth 
seat is alternately filled by the directors of the agricultural schools. 
The board of directors of the society is composed of three members, 
one of whom is chosen by the agricultural council, and two by the 
Ministry of Industrial Affairs. The board appoints the managing direc- 
tor of the society, who is called Director of Agricultural Affairs (Biin- 
adlarmalastiori). At present his duties are shared between two function. 
aries. The society publishes an agricultural periodical and grants finan- 
cial support to a variety of undertakings relative to farming. The fol- 
lowing seven advisers are employed in the service of the Agricultural 
Society of Iceland. namelv: two advisers in live-stock rearing: two for

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