Full text: Modern business geography

The Fuel Products 
Outside of the three main coal fields, some of the deposits in the 
United States, such as-those of the Pacific slope, are not large 
enough to satisfy local needs. Others, such as some of the Utah 
deposits, are so deep in the earth that for many years to come it will 
not pay to work them. In some regions, like parts of eastern Ken- 
tucky, the coal fields are rich and easy to work, but the rugged relief 
makes transportation so difficult that to carry the coal where it can be 
used costs more than it is worth. The quality of other deposits, 
such as those extending from Iowa to Texas, is inferior. 
In the inferior deposits a great deal of rock, especially slate, is 
mixed with the coal. With good coal only a little slate is usually found, 
and an attempt is made to take this from the coal at the mine. After 
anthracite coal has been broken and graded according to size, it is 
shaken in such a way as to separate the shale from the coal, but a great 
deal reaches the consumer. 
Why cities grow up near coal mines. Coal is so important for the 
manufacturing industries in general and for the smelting and manu- 
facturing of iron in particular, that it is not surprising to find these 
industries clustering around the mines. Hence the great iron and 
steel city of Pittsburgh is located among the bituminous coal mines 
of western Pennsylvania. In the same way, Scranton, which also 
Fig. 99. The eastern half of the United States and northwestern Europe produce most of the 
coal used in the world. They are also the regions where the machine industries are most highly 
developed, and most of the steamships in the world are owned in their ports. What connection 
has the production of coal with industries and shipping? Why are Sweden, France, Spain, 
and Italy especially interested in methods of utilizing water power for industries? Remember- 
ing that coal and iron are the basis of modern industry, compare this map with Figure 86 (page 
114) to find out one reason for Great Britain's leading position in commerce and industry.

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