Full text: The electrical equipment market of the Netherland East Indies

resentatives working with them. In other instances the important 
engineering firms bid on entire undertakings by obtaining special 
prices from the branch houses handling electrical equipment. 
The general importers also hold agencies for complete lines of elec- 
trical equipment as well as specialized lines, but they are not in a 
pcsition to undertake the actual construction of power houses or 
factories. Tenders are submitted only for the electric installation, 
which is usually carried out by factory representatives attached to the 
Manufacturers’ agents are important as sales agents for firms 
specializing in the manufacture of domestic appliances, flash lights 
and batteries, storage batteries, and electric tools. They do not 
carry stock and usually have special knowledge of the electrical 
trade. Orders are secured on an indent basis only. . 
As the distribution of automotive accessories, flash lights and 
small domestic appliances is in the hands of Chinese retailers, there 
has been a tendency on the part of the more important firms to obtain 
direct connections with American manufacturers for these particular 
items. The majority of Chinese importers sell through their own 
retail shops, although in some instances they have connections 
throughout the Netherland East Indies. 
Much of the electrical installation work is done by six important 
firms located in the Netherland East Indies, five of which are general 
engineering firms that will undertake the complete erection of a sugar 
factory or a power house or sell a single motor, while the other firm 
is the largest exclusive electrical engineering firm in the territory. 
The firms referred to above, together with their branches are as 
Lindeteves Stokvis: Head office, Amsterdam; branches: Semarang (head office 
‘or Netherland East Indies), Surabaya, Batavia, Medan, Padang, Palembang, 
Bandoeng, Soekaboemi, Djocja, Tegal, Makassar. 
Carl Schlieper: Head office, Ramschied, Germany; branches: Batavia (head 
office for Netherland East Indies), Bandoeng, Semarang, Tegal, Djocja, Sura- 
kata, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pontianak. 
Ruhaak & Co.: Head office, The Hague; branches: Surabaya, Djocja, Tegal. 
Becker & Co.: Branches: Surabaya, Batavia, Pasoercean. 
Geveke & Co. Surabava. 
Amsterdamsch Kantoor voo Indische Zakon (A. K. I. Z.): Head office, Amster- 
dam: branches. Batavia. Surabava. 
All of the general engineering firms mentioned buy from branch 
houses of electrical-equipment manufacturers in addition to holding 
agencies of their own. Lindeteves Stokvis and Carl Schlieper control 
about 75 per cent of the machinery trade of the territory; and although 
the percentage of the electrical-equipment trade controlled by them 
is not as large, they undoubtedly secure an important share of the 
total business as a result of their large organization and connections. 
The other firms mentioned, while not as outstanding as the first 
two, are important and are capable of undertaking larce electrical 

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