Full text: The Department of Labor and Industry

The Industrial Board, Department of Labor and 
Industry, is composed of five members: The Secre- 
tary of Labor and Industry, who is the chairman; an 
employer of labor; a wage earner; a representative 
of women; and a representative of the public. All 
are appointed by the Governor. The Board meets at 
least once a month, The work of the Board is man- 
aged by a secretary in the Harrisburg office of the 
The Industrial Board has three major functions: to approve or dis- 
approve regulations for earrying into effect the provisions of all the 
laws entrusted to the Department for enforcement; to receive and act 
upon petitions when exceptions are taken to the regulations; and to 
conduct investigations. 
The Board has the responsibility of approving all rules and regula- 
tions administered by the Department. These are usually received in 
tentative form from the Bureau of Industrial Standards. but the 
Board may also propose regulations for the Depart. 
ment to enforce as a result of investigations. 
When new or revised regulations are contem- 
plated, public hearings are held throughout the 
State in localities where the majority of those inter- 
ested in the proposed regulations may attend. Ef- 
fort is made to give the announcement of these hear- 
ings the greatest publicity. Department bulletins, 
press associations, and special mailing lists are the 
principal mediums used by the Board for this pur- 
Hearings are held so that all possible constructive 
criticism may be obtained. Written suggestions are 
also invited from interested persons who are unable to attend the hear- 
ings. At the conclusion of the hearings, the suggestions and eriticisms 
which have been received are analyzed, and the tentative rules or regu- 
lations revised if necessary. The next steps are final approval by the 
Board and promulgation by the Department. 
In the administration of laws and regulations, it often becomes neces- 
sary that the intent of various provisions or requirements be empha- 
sized. For this reason the Industrial Board is fre- 
quently called upon to render interpretation of such 
laws and regulations, either upon request of indus- 
try, of the public, or of any Bureau within the De- 
Included in this first activity of the Industrial 
Board is another function. Numerous laws and 
regulations enforced by the Department require that 
sertain protective devices be provided and that they 
be of approved types. The Board receives requests 
for approval of such devices, investigates their 
merits, and either approves or disapproves them. 
Where approval is given, a certificate indicating such 
A. L. Linderman 
Board Member

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